Easy Tips to Improve Internet and Network Security

Computers, being vulnerable due to having both wired and wireless connections, have been a victim to internet security threats. However, you can improve your internet and network security by making use of few steps and establish a network that cannot be hacked by anyone.

We can see great efforts being done by many companies to improve their internet and network security. This has been happening because of the progress of high speed internet service and wireless internet connectivity that has attracted many hackers to access it and misuse it. That is why, one can find many vulnerable computers all over the world, being attacked by spyware, virus and malware causing various instances of security issues, identity theft and cyber crimes.

The first step you must take to improve your internet and network is by installing a firewall. A firewall detects any unauthorized communication that tries to take place in a network or any unauthorized communication to access the internet. Firewall can give users options to allow or deny any communication that may appear to be dangerous to the computer.

Spyware are malicious programs that steal highly sensitive data such as usernames, passwords, personal and banking information. Viruses are computer programs that have the ability to multiply and cause severe damage to the computer’s performance. Hence, it is also very important to install an antivirus and antispyware in addition to that firewall on your computer. Make sure your antivirus, antispyware and firewall programs are updated regularly.

It is very important to make use of high quality passwords that cannot be cracked by any hacker. Do not download any data or software from any not to be trusted websites. Do not download email attachments if you are unsure about its source. If you think your PC is infected by a spyware, you must checkout the genuinely of any website login page before you submit your username and password on it. You may install additional software that can fix errors in your computer’s registry. These are some of the simple ways you can make use of to improve your internet or network security.

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